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Wireless network

Wireless Network

In the current age where internet access is wide spread, wireless networks can be found in almost any house. As soon as internet is available it is highly probable that a wireless network is involved. The older method of delivering internet was through a hard wired line. This line was plugged into the computer or laptop. Internet availability on the computer or laptop required this connection.

Improvements in wireless connection technology have brought us to a situation nowadays where internet connectivity can be delivered in a wireless manner. No hard wired connections are necessary. The other advantage off course is mobility. Devices have been scaled down and are more mobile. Devices have been built upon wireless technology. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, are devices of the current age which all rely on wireless network technology.

Cisco networking

Cisco Networking

Network specialists quite often have to work with cisco networking devices and technology. Networking devices in general require knowledge and experience. Likewise configuring a cisco network switch can require specific knowledge. Finding a way to do the job in a more efficient fashion is always on the agenda. Regarding cisco networking technology there are a number of ways to accomplish the work more quickly and easily.

Most network specialists who use the Cisco IOS know that it is able to accept the fewest unique letters which represent a valid IOS command. It is still common practice amongst network administrators to type out the entire command in the terminal. Typing in the unneeded letters is inefficient and error prone. So one of the most easily achieved improvements can be made at the level of the network administrators which use the short version of the commands.

Cisco switches

Cisco is a manufacturer of several network oriented products. Cisco switches are used in a lot of backbones and datacenters all over the world. A new cisco switch has been produced with the designation ws-c2960-24pc-l. This device is part of the Catalyst 2960 series Cisco switches. The series are further enhancing and improving the ease of use for the end users.

The technology has been tailored to fit in the highly secure business operations and improve sustainability. Cisco has also released the Catalyst 2960-S Series switches. The 2960-S Series Cisco Switches include a new so called flexstack switch stacking technology and Power over Ethernet Plus also referred to as POE+. Both the Cisco Catalyst 2960 and 2960-S series are fixed configuration access switches which have been especially designed for the enterprise and midmarket segment. This also includes branch office networks.

Cisco routers

A wireless router is no strange device in the household. Having a cisco router is also not uncommon, especially in the working place. Cisco routers are used worldwide and have become a standard. When the windows operating system displays notifications about weak Wi-Fi signals, it could indicate that the wireless connection is not as reliable and fast as it could be.

The consequence of a weak signal could be that wireless network connection can be lost or unavailable in some parts of the home. It could also be the case that the signal needs to be boosted to be reachable at the desired destinations. There are a couple of options end users have at their disposal to extend the range of the wireless router.