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Ce Marking self certification

Depending on the level of risk of the toy or product is an CE marking affixed to the product by the manufacturer or by someone who decides whether the product meets the CE marking requirements. When a product has the minimal risk it can be self certified this is called Ce Marking self certification.

There are numerous Agreements of the CE marking between the European Union and other countries such as the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. So the CE mark is now found on all most any products from these countries. Turkey also requires products to show CE marking as affirmation of conformity.


Products with a greater risk have to be certified by a notified body and can’t be Ce Self Certification. Most of all there is somebody from an  organization that has been nominated by a Member Government and has been notified by the European Commission. They test the products in a lab and carry out the steps on the list and then decided whether the product has passed or failed.

Toy Safety

the requirements for Toy Safety are that the manufacturer must present his toys for a safety assessment. This assessment takes place to determine the safety requirements applicable to toys. Because health plays a big role, and certainly nearby children. When they design and manufacture the toys they look at the results of the toys assessment. And the possibilities of the toy. They have to match with the toy safety directive they look what the limit of the toy is. And then they take a close look of, what a child can do with the toy, is it dangerous?


At any toy or its packaging, An logo has to be established. The manufacturer has to provide a declaration of conformity. The declaration of conformity must contain a product number, name and address of the manufacturer and a colored photograph of the toy product. And then the toy gets an CE marking.

New Toy Directive

Companies who engaged in the manufacture, import and sale of toys, in Europe can use the old Toys Directive and the new toys directive. But after June 20, 2011 you can only use the new toy Directive in Europe. For example they have to perform a risk analysis.


The most relevant New Toy Directive off  Ce Toys are that the maximum levels of heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury have been modified. strengthens provisions on enforcement and new safety requirements, ensuring that children continue to benefit from the highest levels of protection. The new Directive improves the existing rules for the marketing of toys produced in or imported into the EU, aiming to reduce toy related accidents and achieve long-term health benefits.