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Laptop charger

A laptop is like a portable computer, Laptops are used by people who travel and work with it at different location. Usually they are placed on a table but you can also use them on your lap. You are dependent on your Laptop Charger. For the  laptop that is traveling with you isn’t always a power supply within reach. On this kind of moments you can take advantage of a portable power supply. This can be connected to the charging point of a laptop. This is a kind of external battery. You have different kinds of types from USB to charging point and external batteries to charging point.

The same principle is when you want to use Lights in the garden but there is no power available. You can use Solar Garden lights. A solar garden light is very simple to install  and requires very little maintenance in order to operate every day.

Ipad charger

If your daily equipment is running out of battery you have to charge them near a power point. But that isn’t all you have to got you’re Ipad charger or IPhone Charger with you at most of the time.After putting your Iphone to charge, leave it there for some hours more after it says it’s full. It will make your phone battery last much more. The normal Life time of a Iphone battery is around 7-10 hours when they are constantly used. When you’re only play audio on the Iphone it can increase up to 40 hours of battery lifetime.

When you’re away from your main power supply you can always take advantage of a  IPhone Solar Charger. You can attach the charger to the bottom of the Iphone. The size of the A-Solar Charger’s are the same as the 3G Juice. A solar charger can still be useful as a lifesaver.


Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Designers and constructors are all thinking innovative for making the world more livable in the future but also for now! You can never start too early. because most raw materials are facing exhausted. Normally they focuses the sun’s energy to an boil of water which is then used to provide power. A big problem with solar power is the installation and production cost. Developing countries don’t have enough money to build solar power plants.

When you’re away from your main power supply you can always take advantage of a Solar Charger. Nowadays you have different kinds of Solar Chargers one of them is a Solar IPhone charger . you can attach the charger to the bottom of the IPhone. The size of the A-Solar Charger’s are the same as the 3G Juice. A solar charger can still be useful as a lifesaver.

CE certification

Getting a CE certification can be a long time spending proces  and sometimes frustrating process. Once you’ve walked the way of getting a certification. You’ve waited a long time. An CE sertification is the only way that manufactures can export products legally into the European Union.

Ce Standard has become absolute necessary because all the products have to meet the requirements of safety, health, environment. Actually, An Ce Certificate is a passport for admission to the market. This also goes for occassians.

Medical equipment has a different quality so they have different kind of series to test it. High risk products have a longer way to a longer list of directives. Once the testing process is complete, a manufacturer needs to reach buyers who are looking for legal CE marked products. Without a service like the CE directory, you might not even have a chance to export your products!

Ce Standards

When you are buying a product it usually has a marker. The CE mark is a mark that is on many products available and indicates that the product meets rules within the European Union and Norway and Iceland. CE stands for Conformité Européenne, which means in accordance with European regulations. The CE marking is not a hallmark. It’s one of the Ce Standards.

Requirements to fulfill the norms that are made.  The goal is to detect the free trade within the member states but also to increase the safety of the products. So it promotes the CE approval.

It is mainly applied to electrical appliances, machinery, gas appliances, toys, lifts, measuring devices. But also on personal protective equipment like helmets, clothing or any other sign. When the CE marking was affixed on a product, Allows the manufacturer to see that the product meets all the requirements