Praslin Seychelles

There are a lot of tourists who travel to Praslin Seychelles. Once the tourists are on the Seychelles, the travelling to Praslin can be done via ferry. There is the ferry Mahe Praslin connection which can get the visitors to Praslin when embarking from Mahe. The return journey can be done with the Mahe Praslin ferry connection. On Mahe visitors which are new to the country can also rent a car. Both the traffic, as well as the size of the country is well suited to travel by car. The alternative way is to take a taxi or local bus. However the taxi trip can be costly. Also on Praslin, a car is a fairly good means to get to know the island. There are hardly any cars while the island is small enough to discover the beautiful spots and beaches. Tourist can receive a free map of the main islands at the airport.

Cat Cocos

Once visitors arrive on the Seychelles the first thing is to check into a hotel. Hotel Praslin is one of the good options. Praslin hotels in general are well equipped to handle all requests coming from visitors. The Seychelles has a lot of destinations worth visiting.

Cat Cocos is just one of them. To reach the destinations one method of transport is via ferry. There are two or three ferry connections daily between Praslin and Mahe. The evening ferry continues to La Digue. The morning ferry directly connects to La Digue. The ferry boat which the company puts into service between Mahe and La Digue is usually the smaller one compared to the ferry which services the connection between Mahe and Praslin. Visitors more prone to sea sickness are advised to take the larger ferryboat on the Mahe Praslin trip.

Praslin La Digue

The Praslin La Digue connection is somewhat worth mentioning when visiting the Seychelles Islands. Ferry connections from Mahe to La Digue are also well known. So is Mahe to Praslin. Seychelles is a year round destination which is blessed with warm and humid tropical climate. The Seychelles are located outside any cyclone belt and well known for their refreshing sea breezes with temperatures which range from 24 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius. In short it is always warm on the islands of the Seychelles. The weather seasons are being defined by the trade winds. These trade winds blow from the northwest starting from October to April. The trade winds bring warm and sometimes wet weather. From late may until September the southeast trade winds bring in a bit more cooler and drier, but windier weather.

Inter Island Ferry Seychelles

The inter Island ferry Seychelles offers good services when it comes to travelling over water. The ferry Praslin La Digue is an option for travelling over waters near Praslin. To Mahe the ferry Mahe La Digue is another well-established service. When traveling via air there is also important information to beware of. Air Seychelles offers a free sporting equipment allowance of ten kilograms. This extra service of Air Seychelles only applies for equipment to dive, golf, fish or surfboard. The equipment is weighed separately. If the weight of the equipment is less than ten kilograms the transport is free. However if the weight exceeds ten kilograms, there could be a financial consequence. In order for the sporting tourist to profit from the ten kilogram allowance on connecting flights to Praslin, travel with Air Seychelles, the ticket info must reside on the international ticket.

Seychelles Island hopping

Seychelles Island hopping could be a great adventure for those who want to explore the islands. Besides travelling via car, boat or ferry travel is also possible. Seychelles ferry services can also be used. There is also a popular Mahe to Praslin ferry service. Overall the Seychelles offer a year round diving experience. The waters remain mainly outside any cyclone area. The dive centers around the country can service novice as well as the more experienced of divers. A number of specialized diving courses can be found at these diving centers. Divers should come prepared to the island and present proof of certification. Medical clearance for any medical problem is also important. Most dive centers offer rental of modern diving equipment, as well as service facilities. Repair facilities for the divers own equipment may be limited however.