Mahe Seychelles

Mahe is a favorite destination on the island of the Seychelles. Mahe Hotels can be found around the island. Mahe Seychelles is also on the brochures of many travelling agencies around the world. One of the most important things for any traveler are financial exchanges. The rupee is the local currency which is exchanged against the united states dollar or euro. Other payment methods, like American Express, Visa or MasterCard are also widely accepted. ATM machines are available in Mahe and Praslin. The uses of traveler cheques are accepted in most restaurants, hotels and shops. The use of traveler cheques is however well supported in either United States Dollars or Pound Sterling. Money transactions can also occur at the banks. The banks are open from 08:30 until 14:30. On Saturday there are also services.

Hotels in Seychelles

Before traveling to the Seychelles it is important to focus on and research hotels in Seychelles. Hotel Mahe could be an alternative for visitors who will stay longer in or around Mahe. Hotel Praslin Seychelles could be another good alternative. Once visitors are on the island an important factor to take care of is the financial part. The currency which is used in the Seychelles is the Rupee. In order to get Rupees the currency of the visitor need to be exchanged against the Rupee. Exchanges should be done at the exchange facilities. There are exchange facilities located at the airport as well as regular banks. The banks can be found throughout the bigger islands. On departure the excess on rupee can be changed back to the original foreign currency. However to do this it is important to present the currency exchange receipt which were issued.


Praslin diving is a popular item on the list of any diver who knows the diving hotspot in the world. Praslin is located in the Seychelles. Diving Seychelles is supported all over the island. One of the most important preparations visitors need to take before travelling to the Seychelles is on the part of their health and insurance. In Victoria the largest hospital of the island can be found. Elsewhere on the island there are a lot of clinics, like on La Digue, Praslin and Mahe. The medical facilities in the Seychelles however are limited. In case of problems visitors will be given emergency treatment for a low consultancy fee. Any other medical or specialist treatment could result in a costly experience if not careful. Visitors are strongly advised to take out a comprehensive medical insurance in order to cover any unexpected situations.


Luxury Hotels Seychelles are popular among tourist visiting the Seychelles Islands. The Seychelles stand for the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sun can be extremely powerful in the Seychelles. The Seychelles lay close to the equator and can be seen as tropical as it can get. Visitors need to be aware that even if the sun does not shine very bright people can still have sunburns quickly. It remains important to use sunscreen with the appropriate factor. Another important measure is to drink plenty of water in order to avoid dehydration problems. Tap water can be found around the island and is normally chlorinated. Visitors however which attend the island for a short time do good to use bottled water as much as possible. Bottled water can also be found all around the island.

La Digue Seychelles

Booking a guesthouse La digue is well known when booking for a destination to the Seychelles. La Digue hotels are popular among visitors. La Digue Seychelles offers beauty and culture, what is unique to that area. Before travelling to the Seychelles it is useful to also inform about the medical preparations which need to be taken. When entering the country all travelers, which include tourists as well as businesspeople or others, need to have a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Visitors need to be aware that typhoid regularly occurs in rural areas. What also occurs is hepatitis A and hepatitis B throughout the island. Furthermore dengue outbreaks happen occasionally. Visitors can use mosquito repellents and wear long sleeves and trousers. These measures surely need to be taken during dawn and dusk.