Praslin Seychelles

There are a lot of tourists who travel to Praslin Seychelles. Once the tourists are on the Seychelles, the travelling to Praslin can be done via ferry. There is the ferry Mahe Praslin connection which can get the visitors to Praslin when embarking from Mahe. The return journey can be done with the Mahe Praslin ferry connection. On Mahe visitors which are new to the country can also rent a car. Both the traffic, as well as the size of the country is well suited to travel by car. The alternative way is to take a taxi or local bus. However the taxi trip can be costly. Also on Praslin, a car is a fairly good means to get to know the island. There are hardly any cars while the island is small enough to discover the beautiful spots and beaches. Tourist can receive a free map of the main islands at the airport.