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Inter Island Ferry Seychelles

The inter Island ferry Seychelles offers good services when it comes to travelling over water. The ferry Praslin La Digue is an option for travelling over waters near Praslin. To Mahe the ferry Mahe La Digue is another well-established service. When traveling via air there is also important information to beware of. Air Seychelles offers a free sporting equipment allowance of ten kilograms. This extra service of Air Seychelles only applies for equipment to dive, golf, fish or surfboard. The equipment is weighed separately. If the weight of the equipment is less than ten kilograms the transport is free. However if the weight exceeds ten kilograms, there could be a financial consequence. In order for the sporting tourist to profit from the ten kilogram allowance on connecting flights to Praslin, travel with Air Seychelles, the ticket info must reside on the international ticket.