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Ipad charger

If your daily equipment is running out of battery you have to charge them near a power point. But that isn’t all you have to got you’re Ipad charger or IPhone Charger with you at most of the time.After putting your Iphone to charge, leave it there for some hours more after it says it’s full. It will make your phone battery last much more. The normal Life time of a Iphone battery is around 7-10 hours when they are constantly used. When you’re only play audio on the Iphone it can increase up to 40 hours of battery lifetime.

When you’re away from your main power supply you can always take advantage of a  IPhone Solar Charger. You can attach the charger to the bottom of the Iphone. The size of the A-Solar Charger’s are the same as the 3G Juice. A solar charger can still be useful as a lifesaver.